Private Custom Tours now Available in Las Vegas


Our navigation roll charts will be the most accurate ever possible, a new amalgam of technology.  Using the best features possible for easy accurate riding.  No lost and frustrated riders.

Welcome to the home of Dual Sport Riding.  Here in Las Vegas  we have a gift, a jewel, for year around access.  The Nevada desert is special, severe, mean, challenging and fun.  The temperatures here are never so extreme that we can't ride.  Lower and warmer elevations to ride in the winter.  Higher and cooler in the mountains for the summer. It rarely rains, and snow only happens in the mountains, for our use.

The World needs an outlet for year around riding and we are it

What is Dual Sport?

Dual Sport is a term for the combination of a street and off-road motorcycle. The Dual Sport motorcycle offers riders the best of both worlds, of exploring back country trails and jeep roads and still legal for local streets and highways.

Dual Sport events are noncompetitive tours in scenic areas of national forests, and deserts usually providing an opportunity to see things never before available.

Organized Dual Sport rides are self guided tours. Directions on a "roll chart" provide navigation using  your odometer.

Dual sport riding has advantages and disadvantages the advantages are many.  Like full days of motorcycle riding in and through interesting areas with a reasonable expectation of adequate fuel and food provided when necessary, pre planed into the ride itinerary.  No need to plan a ride thatís too long for a tank of fuel (have you ever ran out of gas), a ride close to running out or actually out and only way home was to push or beg for gas.  a dual sport ride removes this worry.  Also dual sport provides for more interesting scenery because the distance is extended to the limit of fun.  This from good planning by the promoter for the fuel and eats stops.  A dual sport ride normally is a two days affair, an overnight stay in a distant location after a full day of riding.  The promoter will carry your overnight bag for each rider in a utility transport.  The bags even arrive before the riders.    Dual sport riding also has the advantage of safety, but not in the way you might think... riders in  dual sport  are unbelievable friendly, and helpful, if a rider has a problem on a road or trail, and is stopped and even slightly distressed, every dual sport rider will stop and offer help.  Dual sport riders are awesome.  Now we get into preparation, seems dual sport riders carry everything necessary to resolve about any emergency.  Isnít that amazing? Youíll find bolts, nuts, fuel line, oil, master links, wrenches, sockets, tubes, Band-Aids, aspirin, chain breakers.  You name it, itís out there.  Someone should do a survey to see what all is out there in the packs of those dual sport riders.


Did You Know

The State of Nevada permits Dual Sport Motorcycle Conversions to street legal.


Dual Sport tips

These tips are a  culmination of many Dual Sport riding events. There are several quotes gleaned from Mr. Jerry Counts, whom I have a deep respect for. 

Roll Charts are a general guide ; an interpretation by the Promoter/Creator.  What you see may not be on the Roll Chart, and visa versa. 

Don't correct your mileage unless a differential is the same for more than two navigation points. 

Roll charts will have both large and small printed information.

The large print is for a change of direction in navigation, the small print is only for confidence checks with no change of direction.  

Do not turn before reaching the actual navigation mileage, turning short IS the first mistake.  

Don't just assume other riders know where they are going, try to make the Roll Chart fit.  You may be the only Rider who actually rides in the proper direction. 

Always be aware of the next two navigation points, not just the next one, or simply read ahead. 

The fastest rider on the event is usually the one who is riding back to the last missed turn. 

If the navigation points are not fitting, go back and find the mistake.  

Pass carefully; flying by a slower rider can scare the heck out of them. 

Don't wait for the water truck to wet down the dust.

My opinion.

Motorcycle riding is always sacrificed for growth.   Seems like we riders embodied the spirit and excitement of the old west.  Adventure, Exploration, Respect for the land and for its beauty and ruggedness.  Why we receive no respect is tragic.  Why riders are always pushed out. Itís like we donít exist.